Most Brands Struggle With Online Growth.

Guiding Businesses Through a Proven Strategy That Increases Organic Search Positions So You Can Focus On What Matters.

From SEO Company To Digital Marketing Agency

At Qik, we don’t ‘do’ digital marketing, we live and breathe it. It’s in our DNA. From creative content to PPC, PR and SEO, our approach is deeply holistic, using every channel and each moment to optimal effect. Our goal is to help businesses of any size become successful on the internet through the best industry-leading digital marketing techniques.

A good SEO company was all you needed at the time to succeed online: a few tags here, some links there and voilà! Now, the search engine companies have worked very hard to help people find what they are looking for faster by improving their result pages and they remain nowadays at the base of any good digital marketing campaign.

We believe in pushing boundaries and driving impactful growth for all of our clients, including Randstad, Square Meal, Canterbury and Funky Pigeon. And the great thing is, as an agency with a heritage in CPA, performance is at the core of everything we do. Oh, and it goes without saying that we’re super-passionate, have earned a reputation for delivering fantastic results and for being simply lovely to work with.

Our Customers Recived Exceptional Results

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Have you ever asked yourself?

  • “How do I get my business in front of potential customers searching for our services?”
  • “How can I find time to work on the business, not in the business?”
  • “I’m so burned out with running my business & managing the marketing. Who can I trust?”
  • “How can I produce more traffic & stop relying on word-of-mouth?”
  • “Who do I contact to help me with my SEO marketing?”
  • “Why are my competitors getting all of the business when we’re truly better?”

You’re in the RIGHT place!

Learning how to successfully market your business is daunting because there are so many unreliable “tactics” and too much competition. You’re frustrated because you know how important a successful search engine presence is for your business. We have spent close to a decade developing, implementing, testing & achieving successful Search Engine Optimization strategies to allow businesses of all sizes get the chance they deserve. Today, over 300 businesses have benefitted from our digital marketing strategies.

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“We believe having the right SEO specialist is the difference between a successful campaign versus one that will lead to failure, hardships, annoyance & grievance, and that is why we show business owners the possibilities.”
Rating: 5 stars
Parth Kinariwala
Sr. Marketing Manager

What We Do Now

Over the years, we’ve worked tirelessly to both follow and be the lead in the digital marketing industry. We have attracted a strong team of skilled professionals who we know are passionate about helping their clients achieve the best results online.

We now offer more than just SEO, providing a full range of digital marketing services: website design, programming, pay-per-click advertising, reporting... SEO remains, however, at our core, in our blood, and in our name.

We hear time and time again from our clients how refreshing it is to work with our small team; there's a good chance that you'll interact with each one of us at some point throughout the process. These relationships help us in our work too, because they fuel our passion in doing the best work possible for you and your business. Take a look at what our customers are saying about our team!

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