A great way of marketing and communicating directly to your target audience is directly through the use of email marketing. Whether you want to promote a seasonal sale, a new product or service or simply keep your target audience engaged with great content - Email Marketing is an all-round solution.


Bad email marketing is like sending junk mail. And sending junk mail is like knocking on doors and scarpering, which is what kids do.

We don’t play around when it comes to email marketing because we understand the persuasive power of timely and targeted digital communications sent direct to somebody’s inbox.

From strategic consultation, best practice design and built through to A/B testing and analytics, we provide businesses with comprehensive email marketing services that will carry the message and deliver results. Not junk.


Qik’s email experts are ready to supercharge your sales pipeline and brand awareness with a winning mix of tailored services.


Our email marketing process

Creating Content Plans

We create compelling content plans and email schedules, as the best email campaigns are planned, structured and timed to coincide with other marketing activity and initiatives. This will ensure ongoing, multi-point contact that delivers results. We’ll advise on the optimization of landing pages too, to ensure the final destination is as gripping as the initial e-shot interaction.

Copywriting and E-Shot Design

Qik’s experts are perfectly positioned to assist in writing punchy, hard-hitting copy, rich in call-to-actions and relevant links, that deliver on your commercial objectives. Next, we’ll marry the copy with creative and on-brand visuals for the e-shots, with a strong focus on the stuff others forget, like mobile optimization and blocked images.

Coding and Testing

Ensuring your emails look stunning and load perfectly across every email client is vital to the success of every campaign. Our technical front-end developers will code bespoke emails that are tested and checked to ensure they render perfectly every time. We can create one-off email designs or templates that can be populated again and again.

Sending and Management

Using our own e-shot system, or working within your existing or chosen platform, we can handle the entire process of scheduling and send your emails. It doesn’t matter if you are using Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, dotmailer or any other system, we can make your email campaign management more efficient and more effective.

Analytics and Reporting

The best bit about email marketing is the deep reporting and analytics available. We’ll help you review and dissect your campaigns to uncover trends and metrics that will improve your conversions, click-throughs and opens, ultimately reducing your bounces and unsubscribes. We can also set up A/B testing scenarios to measure and compare the effect of different approaches.

Auditing Your Database

We begin by studying your existing methods of data capture and storage (perhaps via EPOS systems, CRMs, web forms or by hand). Building segmented, clean and relevant data on your prospects and existing clients allows you to create effective and highly targeted email campaigns that deliver higher ROI, rather than blanket-mailing entire sections of your database with the same messages. We’ll help you grow, retain and enhance the quality of your subscribers and give you tips and tricks to create meaningful two-way dialogue.

Track Campaigns. Monitor Reports.

Tracking your email marketing campaign performance and metrics is important. For every campaign we send, we track how many people opened it, how many clicked, exactly where in the email they clicked, what they did on your website, and how much revenue each campaign generated for you.

We also track how many emails bounced, unsubscribe rates and click through stats so we can analyse and optimise the performance of your campaigns.

Our email marketing service includes:

  • Email marketing agency based in NYC with full support
  • Creating a professional email template - based on marketing needs and objectives
  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly email campaigns or newsletters
  • Sharing latest blogs, articles, products, services, promotions and offers
  • Mailing list sign up snippet to embed on website and share on social media
  • Trigger based automated email campaigns (sending automated an series of emails across a period of time upon user joining mailing list)
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