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Are you looking for the top social media agencies in nyc to boost your sales or revenue? Yes. There are too many social media marketing companies in nyc but we are the top social media agency in new york. Facebook can be a perfect marketing tool for your business. Qik: Facebook Marketing NYC can offer various Facebook Advertising solutions for your marketing campaign for Home Page Advertisements, Sponsored Stories or Social Ads.

Facebook advertising is the ideal way to reach both broad and niche markets. You can advertise your products and services to specific audiences, based on geographical and social information such as age, gender, personal choice, location, and job role. We explore your target audience and then formulate a perfect Facebook Advertising campaign.

Facebook Marketing NYC



In-depth experience in Facebook advertising enables Qik: Facebook Marketing NYC to handle businesses that are new to this type of advertising as well as those who are interested in improving their campaign performances. In order to ensure a better return on investment for our clients, we carefully test and optimize their Facebook ads. As a premier Facebook marketing agency In NYC, we test hundreds and thousands of ad variations using different formats. This helps us to take into account different landing page combinations, which in turn delivers results to clients, in terms of leads, sales and increased public attention.



Facebook advertisement benefit from our unparalleled retargeting technology, resulting in a cascading viral effect. Our unique efforts and tactics prove effective in driving former visitors back to your electronic portal using customized adverts that are defined depending on the content they are interested in. Every single campaign can be expected to have a better ROI if you have retargeting campaigns with content created in align with user actions.

Facebook Marketing NYC

Facebook Marketing NYC



Deciphering the performance of Facebook ads can take hours at a stretch and yet may fail to deliver on progress. As a unique Facebook marketing company in NYC, Qik: Facebook Marketing NYC generates reports that tell clients what's working and what is not. Our concise reports offer clear, action-oriented and accurate performance details.



Often, the challenge for advertisers is that although there is plenty of traffic to their site, they are failing to convert visitors into customers. At Qik, we work with our customers to create customised content, whether it is for landing pages or incentives and offers that have the best chance of engaging a Facebook user and turning them into customers. Whatever Google Analytics solution you use, we will help deliver appropriate ROI reports. Our Facebook ad management service provides conversion rate Optimisation with search marketing campaigns.

Facebook Marketing NYC

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Facebook marketing has become a great way to advertise your business. It allows you to target the audience you want. The problem is, there is a system to how an ad is crafted to get the best return on your money. Most businesses who try Facebook advertising throw up an ad and watch it eat up their money without any idea why. The outcome is that they have spent a lot of money for not a very good result. So how do you bypass this scenario? You hire someone who knows what they are doing to get your ad to work for you. A business owner does not want to learn every marketing strategy they can get their hands on because there is no time to do so. Your time is better spent on what you know best, working your business to the best that it can be. Invest in your business by hiring a top social media agencies in nyc who knows how to set up a system that will find you the leads you want.

Our System At Work

Our system can target your audience by gender, local area, what status they have whether it be married, separated or divorced. Even if they are a parent, we can choose who you need as a potential customer. Just this on it’s own is fundamental to how well your ad works for you.

Our Facebook Marketing NYC has devised a system that controls who sees your ads. Our system also can collect data for any ad that you run. We track the ads to make sure that the ad is of interest to the viewer and tweak it accordingly.

Everything is dialed-in, so we can control the different steps that the visitor goes through to get the deal you are offering. The Facebook marketing service packages we provide are suited to the individual business owner. We work together with you as a team to find the right deal to get new customers through your door.

What Should You Ask?

Questions to consider would be;

  • What is the value of the deal to your end consumer?
  • Once that potential customer walks in your door, how are you going to convince them that they should come back?
  • What are other services that you can provide that are essential for that person to have and can’t walk away from?

These are some of the thoughts that you should have before you consider running an ad anywhere online. As for choosing from the Facebook advertising agencies in nyc that are around, if they don’t ask for a compelling enough ad deal, move onto the next agency. If they want a lot of ads to spend in the first month, think long and hard about it. Ads mature and work better over time,  you can grow your ad spend once you’re satisfied with the results you are getting initially.

As an end though, we can help you get new clients to your business through Facebook. With a targeted audience who are looking for the kind of deal you will be offering, you can’t go wrong. Trust us to help you reach your end goal which is growth and new revenue, and get in touch now.

Our Facebook Advertising System

At Qik: Facebook Marketing NYC, we craft your Facebook ad to best suit what you want to offer. The ad is designed in a way that can collect leads and push them to contact your business for the offer you are showing. We track exactly what your prospect is doing. Is your offer good enough to get peoples attention so much so that they want to call you? Your job is to offer the right deal to entice the kind of customer you want to use your services and products. It’s a win-win outcome.

Final Thoughts To Doing Facebook Marketing

Each business that comes to us will have their own system set up. It will be individual to them and they will know exactly how the process works. Reports are sent out often in order for the business owner to see the progress.

We create ad campaigns that convert. Our system keeps track of all movement within the campaign in order to make sure there are no holes where the visitor may leave the process.

If you like the sound of this kind of marketing and would like to know more, read on. Work with us to find you more customers now. We invite you to fill out our Facebook Ad Form. It’s a few questions we would like to ask before we speak to you. Go do that now and we will get back to you shortly.

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