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Local SEO NYC is focused on providing results that are relevant to a searcher within a specific geographic area. Local SEO NYC marketing or local search optimization is the process of optimizing your business for search queries that have “local intent”, meaning the searcher wants search engine results with local companies near him.

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Local SEO NYC | Local SEO Manhattan | Best SEO Services In New York

What Is the Difference Between Organic SEO and Local SEO?

Let’s look at the following example for better understanding: let’s say you have an important meeting and you need a hairdresser to style your hair. You don’t want to browse through website after website, you want a hairstylist near you that is reputable, and you’d like one as soon as possible. If you search for “hair salon near me: or ‘hairdresser + your location’ Google will display a bunch of local businesses for you to choose from, including their average rating and online reviews from other customers, plus their contact details, driving directions and photos. In this case, it would be much easier for you to find the most suitable hair salon for you.

Now let’s pretend you decide to do your hair by yourself. If we Google ‘Hairstyle Tutorials’ you will find the most relevant web page regardless of their location. If we are in New York, USA Google may show a blog post or video from some hair salon in California, because the location doesn’t matter in this case. As we said before – the main difference between local SEO and organic SEO is the search intent.

The Importance of Local SEO NYC

 More and more queries have local intent, especially those from mobile devices. Local search engine marketing can help your business promote its products and services to local customers at the exact time they need them and are looking for them. That’s why local SEO has great return on investment and is both efficient and cost-effective. Another reason for the increasing importance of local SEO is that people trust online business reviews. Many potential consumers read internet reviews before choosing where to go. So by improving the online reputation of your company and receiving positive reviews about your business online, you can attract new customers.

What Can SEO Do for My Business?

Free local directory citations appear on the first page of many local search results containing the most important information about your business: name, address, phone number. So if your business is listed in enough high-quality directories in a correct manner, the chance to appear on a leading position is really high. Local ranking factors such as name, address and phone number (NAP consistency) and customer reviews can help you rank up. By adding your business to Google Maps you increase your chances of showing up high in local search results, especially if you have taken ownership of your Google My Business listing and have optimized it. Best part – it’s still free!

But what should you do when as a small business owner, you don’t have the time to spend researching and analyzing SEO? Finding a local SEO marketing company In NY can help you grow your small business and determine a strategy that will support your organizational goals. Learn more about our local search marketing services below.

Our Professional Local SEO Services in New York

Here at Local SEO NYC, our specialized services for local SEO in New York are designed to get you noticed where it matters most – at home and in your local community. Particularly for those working in fields of hospitality, retail or events management, connecting with the people around you is essential! Well, we can help you to achieve just that, using advanced techniques to ensure that you’re getting the best of your area’s local search traffic.

Our Local SEO NYC Expert, will undertake extensive and custom-tailored research into the words and phrases that people in your area are using to search for the services and products they need. By providing your website with rich and fully optimized content, harnessing those keywords and phrases, we can make sure that it’s your business those people are finding first!

With a Local SEO NYC service from Qik, you can look forward to healthy new streams of localized web traffic. Connect with a wider audience, while picking up new leads, new contacts, and new sales. Our local search marketing specialists can drive traffic to your upcoming event, we can promote your special deals and discounts, or we can put your venue on the map – quite literally – using our keyword optimization in conjunction with a Google Business Listing. Local SEO NYC is also a great online marketing strategy for franchises with multiple locations that want to be on the top of the local search results.

Local SEO is about survival.

For local businesses, it is crucial that customers know where you are and how to access your products. With dying mediums like newspapers and letterbox drops, it is vital for local businesses to optimize for local customers online. As customers grow more in touch with technology, Google is now the number one place customers go to search for local products.

See you later Print media!

After years of advertising in local newspapers or letterbox drops, often clients come to us to solve this ineffective solution to gain customers. These days, customers search for their local plumber or garage door installation online. Many of our clients are local business owners that rely on our local SEO services in Nyc to provide leads and keep their businesses fruitful. We take this very seriously and assure these leads for our clients by continuing to adapt our strategy according to Google’s algorithm.

SEO expert doesn’t mean Local SEO expert.

Sure, SEO Experts can increase your presence online, but if it’s not targeting the right customers in the right place, you’re wasting your money. Online businesses that sell to the world and deliver products use different strategies than local businesses that need local customers. By choosing a local SEO company that provides local SEO services, you are ensuring your online audience comes from the right place with the right intentions. There’s no point getting a million customers if you can’t service their location.

At Qik, our new york local SEO specialists understand how and why local customers search for local products. We know, how they search and how to meet them on the other end with our local clients.

Does this sound like you?

If you’re a brick and mortar or services business that need local customers to come to you, Google local SEO optimization is highly beneficial for your business.

It is important to know the digital landscape behind each state and with our experience, we are able to excel in local niches throughout the United States.


Although we are based in New York, we have ranked National websites locally as well as local websites in multiple states. Just ask our big brand, national clients. In terms of location, as long as you can service the area, we are happy to help you rank for it locally.

We know what we’re doing!

Our strategies have been shaped by our vast experience in local niches. Without giving away all our secrets below are some examples of our Google local SEO strategies

  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Ranking through Google Maps
  • Ranking on the front page through “snack pack” map listings
  • Specialised Geo targeting strategies
  • Local competition analysis
  • Optimisation of directories
  • Local link building and NAP strategies
  • Further blogging strategies

We don’t take our responsibilities lightly

We know that often our local clients rely on our work to general referrals and lead to keep their businesses running. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our Local SEO specialists take pride in focusing on moral, efficient and effective white hat strategies to not only bring our clients business, but to make sure the traffic they receive are long term.

Everyone’s online – who should you choose?

The facts are there for all to see. A few decades ago, the most common way of finding a business in your area was to look in the telephone directory, but nowadays, everyone turns to the internet to find information. Chances are, you look for information online too. Since your target market is using search engines to find local information, you need to make absolutely sure that they find you.

Let’s suppose you’ve got a local gym In NYC. SEO ensures that you don’t need to have several branches and a big organization behind you to rank highly in searches. Your clients will search for a local gym and name the area where they live or work. Clever SEO gets you noticed. What happens if someone’s looking for a local taxi company? They whip out their smartphone and start searching for local results. If you want their business, you need that extra visibility online. SEO for a local taxi company will give it high-profile search results. Whether you run a local bridal boutique, operate as an insurance broker or run a local butchery, your online presence should be designed to drive business to you.

You can’t get just anyone to do the job for you. Local SEO is constantly changing and there are plenty of people using outdated or even unethical techniques. As a result, the websites they work on get penalized by the search engines. However, if you choose Qik- Local SEO NYC Expert, you’ll discover what up to the minute SEO can do for your website and your bottom line. We’re a reputable New York SEO agency and we pride ourselves in offering the best return on investment available.

We’ve proved that good Local SEO NYC drives relevant traffic to our clients’ websites. The people who find your business are genuinely interested in it, so you get increased revenue. Your SEO pays for itself and increases your profits into the bargain. Small businesses need good SEO even more than large ones do. For instance, your bakery may not be a household name yet, but you can increase your turnover by getting good SEO services.

You really can compete with the industry giants

SEO turns your website into your most effective marketing platform. The best thing about local SEO in NYC for business is that you see the results directly. Other marketing tools such as print advertising are expensive and it’s difficult to measure the results. SEO gives you measurable results from the word ‘go’. No matter how local your business is, we can ensure that it gets the attention that it deserves by getting your website onto page one of Google search results for your most important search keywords.


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