For us, it’s pretty simple: unless brands take a holistic approach to their digital marketing, they’re swimming upstream. SEO, content, paid media and PR work best when they’re tightly, strategically entwined. One for all, and all for one (as a Musketeaer might say).



Brands cannot afford to wing it online. There’s too much at stake, too much competition and way too much to lose. Strategy, in other words, is essential. But to be truly successful online, any old strategy won’t pass muster. Strategies need to be holistic and driven by learned data: targeting prospective customers through multiple channels, in the right place, at the right time.

But even that’s not enough. For maximum impact online and the most jaw-dropping results, brands need to ensure each channel is interacting with, and enhancing, the others, in a virtuous digital circle. In themselves, the channels are siloed, with limitations. Together, their potential is limitless.


Regularly producing Strategies need to be holistic and driven by learned data.


The purchase funnel – from awareness to conversion – is now far more convoluted, so much so that, at Found, we don’t believe in focusing too much energy on funnel categorisation. We think less funnel, more web. We call it The Web of Moments – an ever-shifting plane of trillions of touchpoints between brands and customers where we focus on opportunities to reach, attract, influence, engage or convert at any relevant point in time.

At Qik, our ability to break the digital world down into a Web of Moments means brands can now accompany their customers in these moments, whatever the channel and whatever the device, and target the right level of communication, at the right time.

As an agency with a heritage in CPA (only being paid on results), performance is at the core of everything we do. Every strategy, every campaign is devised and delivered as if it were our own. No hiding, we stand up to be counted.


Strategy, by its very nature, is forward-looking, but at Found — digital hell-raisers that we are — we start by looking back. What’s a brand been doing to date? What’s worked online and, just as importantly, what’s not? In short, we use the past to better shape the future.

After a detailed analysis of a brand’s performance to date, we sit down with our clients and set out, in crystal clear terms, what they want to achieve online. With the aid of intelligent data profiling and a dollop of old-school brain power, we then create the all-singing, all-dancing strategy that will ensure they pull it off.


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