At Qik, we don’t ‘do’ digital marketing, we live and breathe it.
Sheesh, we positively drink it in. From PPC and Programmatic Display to SEO and Content Marketing, our approach is deeply holistic, using every channel and each moment to optimal effect.



Our approach to digital is holistic. Translate: for brands to achieve maximum impact online, they need to communicate with their prospective customers continually and strategically across multiple channels and devices — through a mixture of Paid and Social Media, PR and (frankly explosive) Content. We call this the Web of Moments, a never-ending succession of potential touchpoints between brands and their prospective customers.

In the Web of Moments, customer transactions are less events, more journeys. Our role is to help brands accompany their customers on these journeys, as they unfold, ensuring they deliver the right message at the right time. The result? When the journeys do come to an end, our clients are the destination.

Digital Media

In the Web of Moments, brands continually communicate with their audiences through different channels and in different ways — delivering the right message at the right time. Our approach to digital media reflects this holistic, always-on philosophy, and is rooted in a mixture of PPC, SEO, Programmatic Display and Paid Social.

Natural Search (SEO)

SEO permeates everything we do. We live, sleep and dream it. For us, quality, sustainable and rich SEO is holistic; hinging on a balance of highly technical algorithm knowledge, explosive content, engaging social and spiffing backlinks through targeted outreach and PR. The result? For our clients, crazy amounts of traffic, fantastic rankings and seriously beefed up brand visibility. Read more about SEO

Paid Search (PPC)

PPC remains one of the key digital marketing pillars of today’s brands. At Found, we’re fluent in every aspect of PPC, from AdWords and Google Shopping to RLSAs and TrueView. Whatever people are searching for, and on whatever device, we ensure brands are seen, heard and found. And always, of course, at the optimal price. Read more about PPC

Paid Social Media Marketing

With the major social media channels continually evolving, and new ones emerging by the day, social ad spend — especially video, and particularly mobile — has gone supersonic. Get Paid Social right and the rewards are exceptional. Get it wrong and it can bite you on the proverbial. Remember: with Paid Social, striking the right balance is absolutely key. Read more about Paid Media

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the ideal way to reach both broad and niche markets. You can advertise your products and services to specific audiences, based on geographical and social information such as age, gender, personal choice, location, and job role. We explore your target audience and then formulate a perfect Facebook Advertising campaign. Read more about Facebook Advertising

Local Business Marketing

Your business deserves a beautiful online presence that helps you attract more customers. Our done-for-you local business online marketing programs are designed to turn visitors into customers so you can focus on your business while we take care of the rest. Read more about Local Business Marketing

Reputation Management

Your online presence is comprised of many different components such as your website, social media as well as third party outputs such as reviews or advertisements. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of controlling how your business is perceived online. This process includes monitoring your presence online and proactivity to change anything if necessary. Read more about Reputation Management

Online Presence Analysis

A complete, company analysis and audit includes your site and campaign’s research for getting a clear understanding of your industry. It also determines your current position within your marketplace versus your main competitors. Read more about Online Presence Analysis


Customer Experience

Online, you’ve got to give if you want to get. Sell, sell, sell simply no longer works. The most successful brands digitally are those that entertain, inform, educate, support, engage and gain trust — and generally show themselves as an all-round good egg. Look after the customer experience and the customer will look after you.

Content Marketing

Great (translate: shareable, linkable, search-friendly) content is vital for brands to succeed online. Without it, well... they’re kind of screwed. Between them, our in-house creatives and studio team have the technical expertise and zippety panache to produce highly engaging, interactive web and video content that helps brands get heard, seen — and Found. And do it again and again. Read more about Content Marketing

Email Marketing

A great way of marketing and communicating directly to your target audience is directly through the use of email marketing. Whether you want to promote a seasonal sale, a new product or service or simply keep your target audience engaged with great content - Email Marketing is an all-round solution. Read more about Email Marketing


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