Paid Search remains one of the key marketing pillars of today’s brands. Wherever people are searching, and on whatever device, our PPC virtuosos (and AdWords pros) give brands maximum exposure at the optimal price. PPC Agency New York focuses on the highest conversion rate.


The ‘why’ bit is easy enough: Best practice PPC, whether desktop or mobile, remains one of the key digital marketing pillars of today’s brands. It’s the foundation on which many campaigns are built — and from which many have grown.

At PPC Agency New York, we’re fluent in every aspect of Paid Search, from pure AdWords and RLSAs to Google Shopping and Trueview. And when PPC changes and evolves, we change and evolve with it.

As a company founded on CPA principles we live and breathe ROI. That's why you can be sure that every pound we spend on your behalf will be treated as if it's our own.

But it's not just that. We like to think our approach to PPC is that little bit special, too. Using advanced data analytics and next-generation AI, we’re able to deliver the right message to a brand’s customers, in the right place, at the right time — softly, or move in for the sell. In the Web of Moments, there’s no other way.

PPC Agency New York

When PPC changes and evolves, we change and evolve with it.


PPC is a highly cost-effective method of advertising on both search engines and websites. You only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad, and you control how much you pay for each click. You decide how much budget to allocate per day, week or month.

There are many PPC platforms available, but the most popular is Google AdWords. Adwords is segmented into search, display, remarketing, and YouTube.

Search refers to sponsored results that appear at the top of the Google listings when you run a search query. Display refers to textual or graphical advertisements placed on 3rd party web pages. Remarketing allows you to target your advertising to people that have visited your site already, allowing you to convert window shoppers into customers. There are also various forms of advertising available through YouTube such as In-Stream and In-Display. All of these channels operate on the same pay-per-click model.

It’s not just Google that offers PPC advertising – Yahoo & Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all offer pay-per-click advertising. Passion Digital manage campaigns across all these platforms.

Here are a few reasons you should use Passion Digital to manage your PPC campaigns:

  1. Your current provider isn’t doing a good job. Maybe you’re not getting that ROI you were hoping for.
  2. Your website has only just gone live or is about to. Your natural search rankings are unsurprisingly low, and you need instant visibility.
  3. Passion Digital manually manage all of our campaigns and monitor them constantly. If a keyword or a particular ad isn’t performing, we will rewrite and adjust as appropriate.
  4. We provide a bespoke service for each one of our clients. Not only do we want to help grow your business, but we want to help you understand how PPC can be integrated into your digital marketing plan.
  5. We’re experts across the major paid platforms, including Google, Bing/Yahoo, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

A scientific approach to paid search advertising

Online pay-per-click advertising isn’t rocket science, and it isn’t intangible either. We’re not in the business of guessing – we only make data-driven decisions. This way, we can ensure that our account management is the best that it can be.

We champion a scientific approach to PPC management, using principles of mathematics, user testing, and intelligent data analysis to inform our decisions and get the best return on your investment.

We’re never satisfied with the boundaries set by Google, or any other advertising platform for that matter. If we have an unsolvable issue with a particular campaign, we’ll build ourselves a new script to work around it.

Whilst our account management, reporting, and performance analysis takes into account every aspect of the campaign, our primary focus will always be a return on investment. We take the time to understand your business and its profit margins and apply this methodically.

Choose Impression as your PPC Agency New York and you can expect:

Business focus

Our primary goal is to make the most of your advertising budget to make the biggest impact on your bottom line. We take the time to understand your business inside-out so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Data-driven strategies

The decisions we make are backed up by data to get the most out of your campaigns. There are no ‘hunches’ or ‘gut instincts’, just a combination of tried and tested techniques and scientific analysis.

Innovative campaigns

We’re always looking for ways to make even more of your budget. We invest in our own tools, technology, and training to ensure we stay ahead of the curve – and you stay ahead of your competition.

Our Paid Search Expertise

With 86.5% of searches in the USA performed on Google, AdWords is an integral part of any paid media strategy. Driven by ROI, our analysts get a kick out of continuous optimization and meticulous bid management.
Google Shopping ads occupy prominent real estate for product searches. Where appropriate, we make sure our clients have a high visibility presence on these product ads, designed for direct response retail campaigns.
By retargeting visitors in Google that have been to your site but not converted, we can interpret high purchase intent and, where appropriate bid accordingly, to bring them back.
By using in-stream and discovery ads we are able to offer non-intrusive, engagement-based video promotion across YouTube. Great for increasing brand awareness and client interaction.
By using integrated Retargeting solutions we can serve hyper-targeted messaging to previous site visitors as they navigate across subsequent placements.
PPC Agency New York uses high impact mobile advertising with mobile-specific ad copy designed to increase app downloads, lengthen app engagement and extend the lifetime value from mobile users.

You’ll love working with PPC Agency New York. For starters, you’ll be in the best possible hands: each member of our team is not only a qualified ‘AdWords Professional’ but has also been through our very own Analyst Academy — think of it as a boot camp for ROI (minus the deranged drill sergeant and 4am wake-up calls).

Given the gazillions of new york media agencies out there, it’s more important than ever to know the company you’re working with is on top of its game. So don’t be shy to ask to see the results we’ve generated for our clients, or even speak to them. We’d be more than happy to put you in touch.

So how do we get things moving? Well, we start by auditing your PPC activity to date. What’s worked with your target customers, and what’s not? More specifically, where are you getting the best cost-per-acquisition, and how can you improve on that? Using advanced data analytics and a suite of proprietary tools, we shine a torch into everything you’ve been doing, and rigorously benchmark you against your competitors.

We shine a torch into everything you’ve been doing, and rigorously benchmark you against your competitors.


Why should I use PPC management services?

Your current PPC campaign is not performing

This is usually due to targeting the wrong keywords. Successful PPC requires lengthy, in-depth analysis and research to find the right keywords and most importantly – drive conversions. Most people do not have the time so why not have our PPC Agency New York do the legwork for you?

You are under time pressure

Anyone can set up a PPC campaign and let it run and run without regularly checking performance, but for a campaign to perform effectively, it needs constant management and maintenance. We review our clients PPC campaigns daily, adjusting where necessary so poorly performing keywords are moved out for ones that deliver better ROI. This means that budget is not burned by under-performing keywords saving you huge amounts of money.

You are at your knowledge limit for Google Adwords

We have extensive knowledge and experience with managing to advertise through Google products including Adwords and Analytics. Our expert team of PPC Agency NYC have years of experience and can ensure you make the most out of Adwords advertising by creating conversion goals that are relevant to your business, and the objectives of your business website. Plus, we are Google Search Advertising Partners!

Your search engine knowledge is limited

It’s not just about Google. There’s Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex to name a few. If you are targeting other countries as part of an international digital marketing campaign then we can save you time by acting as one point of contact for all multi-lingual PPC campaigns, as well as conducting comparative analysis.

PPC Management Tools

The PPC tools we can create keyword strategies and manage accounts for include:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Bing AdCenter
  • Yandex Direct
  • Baidu Paid Search

Talk to some of the best PPC experts in London today to find out how we can help your business.

Our approach to PPC

We believe that effective PPC Management is a combination of science and creativity. It’s about understanding your customers and getting you in front of them. But it’s also about communication. We have the words to influence your customer’s decisions. And we can get them to buy from you.

We analyze your data with clever custom-made tools. This means we can improve your PPC performance faster and with mathematical precision. Whether it’s tweaking a bid or testing a new ad, our optimization work is based on fact, not guess-work.

Our credentials

Our professional PPC management service is focused on consistently delivering a high returns for your business. You set the targets; we give everything to hit them.

Our proven approach has contributed to our growing reputation for PPC management in NYC.

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