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For high-profile individuals and companies, your online reputation is your most valuable asset. If you’re a CEO, your search results will impact the decisions of potential customers. If you’re a politician, your online reputation is crucial to shaping the views of your constituents. At Qik: Reputation Management NYC, we’ll help restore and protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

Whether you’ve been grappling with a negative review or unfavorable press coverage, facing a crisis, or simply want to build immunity against unexpected obstacles, seeking the help of a professional online reputation management team is your best, most effective option for regaining and maintaining control over your online image and search results. We tailor our approach based on your specific goals.

Continue reading to learn more about why reputation management is so valuable, how Qik: Reputation Management NYC can help you improve your online image, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Your online presence is comprised of many different components such as your website, social media as well as third party outputs such as reviews or advertisements. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of controlling how your business is perceived online. This process includes monitoring your presence online and proactivity to change anything if necessary.


Or maybe it’s negative press you’ve had in the past, that’s impacting on your business now. Here at Qik: Reputation Management NYC, we believe that everyone deserves the right to turn over a new leaf… and begin a fresh new chapter in their business! That’s exactly what we offer with our digital reputation management in the NYC.

Some of clients are struggling to forget the mistakes in their past – others are simply unfortunate enough to share a name with a convicted felon! Whatever it is you need, We are the experts at managing the results people find when they search for your business. So let us do the same for you. Take control of your public image today, with a reputation management NYC from the professionals.

Business Reputation Management

We works with businesses and organisations to improve their reputation.

1. Audit online reputation

We audit your existing online reputation, including search engine rankings, websites, social media, profiles, blogs, press articles, directory listings, 3rd party sites, and reviews.

2. Reputation Index

Your audit is conducted using the MOZ Online Reputation Index and other specialist tools.

3. Identify and challenge negative content

We examine any negative content or law-breaking content, images, and videos to see if we can challenge defamatory or unsubstantiated content and remove it. We also submit removal applications to websites and Google.

4. Identify positive opportunities

We identify opportunities for positive content, PR and social media, including industry topics and influencers. We also identify ways to repair your company reputation and protect your brand.

5. Business Reputation Management Strategy

Our team creates a Business Reputation Management Strategy for your business.

6. Reputation Management Workplan

You receive a Reputation Management Workplan as part of our strategy. A month-by-month plan of action with target outcomes and KPIs based on your key objectives.

7. Optimising and creating assets

We optimize existing assets and create new ones for you, where required, such as websites, blogs, social and professional profiles.

8. Content, PR and Social Media

We work with you to create an integrated plan of content, PR and social media activity – everything from blog and website content and targeted PR for local and national media and specialist publications to activity on your social channels.

9. Review and forums

Review, social and forum management and customer response best practice.

10. Monitoring for mentions and sentiment

We monitor your online presence, including mentions, sentiment, coverage, reviews, follows and rankings. Insights are fed back into all work streams.

11. Reporting progress

Every month you receive a progress report with priorities for the month ahead.

12. Ongoing reputation management

Our aim is to work with you to help you build and maintain a positive online reputation for your business. Once you look your best in search engine results, we work to keep it that way.

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Internet Reputation Management Services | New York City

Managing your online reputation can be tough… and once that information is out there on the Internet, it can seem almost impossible to control where it ends up.


If your business brand reputation is being damaged by misleading, outdated content, bad press, unfair negative reviews or negative comments, you have the power to do something about it and control how individuals view your organization and its employees. Our online reputation management services In New York City put the control back in your hands so you can present a more accurate, and positive image for your company.


Every day your company is being judged based on what appears in the search engine results when people perform searches for information about your brand, products, and services. Potential customers will also read online reviews and engage in social media conversations, and this can negatively affect sales if they choose to go elsewhere due to a poor online reputation.


We have had sustained success in helping both local, national and international companies rebuild their online image using advanced brand reputation management strategies designed to quickly and smartly tackle negative online content enabling them to regain control of their online presence and standing.

Our team of online reputation management services in nyc has years of experience in brand preservation and strategic PR across social media, review portals, blogging platforms, and other channels. With a large pool of resources at our disposal, we are confident we can help you get speedily recover your position.


We understand that reputation management is not a one size fits all solution and we assess each client on an individual basis. Using in-depth analysis we are able to confidently and accurately establish how badly you are affected by negative content on the internet, meaning we are in a much better position to formulate a robust brand restoration plan that works for you.

Specialists at content suppression and removal, negative comment management, complaint strategies, review management and brand reputation monitoring – Reputation Management NYC specialists – If your brand has a reputation crisis contact our brand management team today for immediate action.

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